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    AMAZING! I had a cold that turned for the worse when I went sightseeing in Florence in the rain and when I had this horrible hacking cough and a slight fever that kept me up at night, I had to find a doctor. My fiance and I tried to do as much research online as possible and there were a few Yelp reviews and some discussion on the English Forum but I will tell you every step of my experience to convince you that you should use the clinics in Switzerland.

    Firstly, it was Monday after Easter so I expected everything to be closed but lo and behold, the doctors were still hard at work here. It's in the Zurich HB station but the only accessible door is from the outside where the trams come and go. I read online that I do not need an appointment, walk-ins only. Already it seemed too good to be true if I could even see a doctor on the same day. At the office, I took a number from the machine and filled out a little paperwork. Then the receptionist (who speaks perfect English) gave me a website URL where you can check your place in line instead of waiting in the reception/waiting room where there were about 15 chairs, mostly occupied by people who looked like they had mild colds. It was a beautiful day outside and I could go for a little breakfast so I shopped around HB while I periodically checked the website (as there's free wifi in the station!) In about 30 minutes, my number was up so I returned to the clinic and waited 5 minutes before a doctor called me by my name. He spoke several languages, of course (and English proficiently). He took me upstairs to his office and I told him about my horrible cough problem, fever, chills, etc. and he entered the information diligently into his computer. He took my vitals and then checked my breathing with his stethoscope. Then he told me he would run a blood test to check my white blood cell count and other indicators for infection. I went downstairs with my chart, waited in a back waiting room for 5 minutes and then a nurse called me and she took my blood immediately. The test results were READY IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES and I took the results back upstairs to the doctor I just met with and he explained the results, wrote out my prescriptions and I took my file to the receptionist where I paid the CHF 125 or so for the bloodwork and the consultation by credit card, which I got reimbursed by my new healthcare provider. I was amazed at this low cost compared to what it would've been and how long it would've taken in the US. I went next door to the pharmacy and got my meds in 10 minutes, they have a fountain so I took my first dosage there and went home on the Zurich transport system that's always on time! The doctor said I will be all better in one week and I was. It was overall a very satisfactory experience and was firsthand proof of the amazing healthcare system here. I spoke to my ER doctor friend back home in NYC who said my kind of experience could not happen in the US unless there was a major overhaul of the American healthcare system so I'm grateful for Permanence Clinic and their staff.

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    I am shocked to be leaving a one star review for a medical care clinic but the care, or rather, lack thereof warrants. I went on 06.09.15 for an upper respiratory infection that I had for 5 days. We checked in and were told it would be around a 15 minute wait. That wait was actually an hour and a half. I was seen by a female doctor for all of 3 minutes. She looked in my mouth. Did not take my temperature. Did not listen to my lungs. Nothing. She told me I had a "common cold." Well, it is now 12 days later and I have full blown pneumonia. Had the doctor checked for fluid in my lungs or LISTENED to me when I said it was not a "common cold," maybe I would not be huffing, puffing, and weezing just to get out of bed or be on 1000mg of antibiotics twice a day for the next 15 days. I think one should be allowed a refund when the doctor gets it seriously WRONG.

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    I didn't like this clinic. I had an accident (twisted ankle) and got there for medical examination. After 2 hours! of waiting I got decent medical service, but 2 hours! that's a lot.

    Sometime later I came to this place to check my feet again. I scheduled an appointment for 17:00, and was there at this time. Guess what? I waited until 18:00.

    So what I am trying to say: it is very crowded place and you will wait a lot anyways. Only if you're actually dying you can skip queue (I think), but in this case you probably will call ambulance and then they decide where to go.

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    The good: No appointment needed.  Have many tests available on site with results relatively quickly. Doctors speak English. Pharmacy right next door - though they can and will charge an extra 12 CHF to process your prescription!

    The bad: Waited about an hour, even though there were only a few people ahead of me when I arrived.  Doctor gave me a prescription and when I called back the next day because the medicine was not working and I was in terrible pain, I was told a doctor would call me back.  He did after about half an hour, but the only thing he told me was that I was already prescribed the highest level of painkiller/medicine and I should wait another day.  This is not advice given to someone who has already been in incredible pain for days and can't sleep or move because of it.  To top it off....I just received a bill for this return phone call for 23 CHF - 15.81 for the first 5 minutes and 7.90 for the next few minutes.  My phone records show this call at 3 minutes 41 seconds.  I asked at Permanence about this bill and all they said is that they can send my inquiry back to the doctor.

    Not all medications work the same for everyone.  I should not have been so easily dismissed and on top of that charged 23 CHF for providing no help at all.

    Needless to say, I will not be returning to this place

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    The one with long hours is part of HB station, there`s another on Banhof Strasse.
    So don`t be distracted by the Permanence office across the way.

    When I stopped by they had a wait of 2 hours or so,
    but they don`t take gyno issues, so to Universitätsspital I did go!

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