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"What's Wrong With Different?" is an anti-bullying program for third grade students in New Hanover County Schools. The program was developed by the YWCA Lower Cape Fear as a hands-on approach to teach students to value, appreciate and respect the differences between people, rather than to view a person who is different as inferior.
"What's Wrong With Different?" focuses on diversity, culture, ancestry, and self-esteem for 3rd grade students in New Hanover, Brunswick, Pender, and Columbus counties. The program is an interactive presentation that teaches students to understand and appreciate the differences in their communities and around the world.


YWCA staff and volunteers reached over 1,000 students in Brunswick and New Hanover County Schools in 2017.After participating in a amp;Co winter Pullover Boutique Sweater Style "WWWD?"presentation:


  • 90% of students report that they will "make friends with people who are different than me."
  • 92% of students report that they will "help someone who looks or sounds different than me."
  • 95% of students report that they will "include people who are different than me in class activities."


Pullover amp;Co Boutique winter Style Sweater National Hallmark Program
The YWCA Lower Cape Fear is proud to be one of only eight YWCAs in the country to have a racial justice program selected by the YWCA USA Hallmark Initiative Committee. The programs chosen offer a range of activities that have proven effective and are easy for other YWCAs to duplicate in their communities.
Because "What's Wrong With Different?" is a Hallmark Program, the curriculum is available in the form of a toolkit to other YWCA associations across the country who would like to implement the programming in their area.
amp;Co Sweater winter Boutique Style Pullover For more information:
Email or call 910-799-6820

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amp;Co Boutique Sweater Style winter Pullover qWF8aw amp;Co Boutique Sweater Style winter Pullover qWF8aw
Materials 63% Polyester, 34% Rayon, 3% Spandex