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Athletic Athletic Athletic winter Leisure Nike Leisure Nike Nike Leisure winter Shorts Shorts winter From my heart to yours!

A downloadable version of TRUE: A 30 Day Yoga Journey

Great for those who wish to practice without streaming via internet connection!

Own it. Enjoy it.

Just, pay what feels good.


TRUE: A 30 Day Yoga Journey

An uncovering, a reveal, a restoration.

A transformation, a blossoming, a forgiveness.

A commitment, a celebration, a union.

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Leisure winter winter Nike Athletic winter Nike Nike Athletic Leisure Athletic Leisure Shorts Shorts You in?

Designed to trim, tone, and circle you back to - you.

The true you.

The truest.

Mind, body and soul.

Establish a connection to your deeper and unique self while shifting your body to optimal health!

This fresh new 30 Day Yoga Journey is the ultimate at home yoga package for all all bodies and types. It’s 100% made with love and it’s 100% free.

Set the tone for the new year by committing to 30 Days of showing up on your yoga mat.

It’s the promise of tone muscles and inner peace. Self love through asana and reflection.

This Edition features:

31 Downloadable Videos - These videos have been optimized to work on your phone, tablet or laptop so you can take them with you and not have to worry about a fast internet connection. This way you can practice anywhere and make sure you get your yoga in each day, no matter what!

31 Videos

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TRUE - Orientation

New Year, TRUE YOU! Today is orientation day! Below is a short list of things you might like to do to make the most of this experience! Make it your own and Find What Feels Good. I love you. I got your back. Let's do this. Happy New Year!

Use #YWATRUE to share your experience!

TRUE - Day 1 - MOTIVE (24 min.)

Take a deep breath in.

We are doing this.

We begin by setting the tone with a gentle and foundational practice. It’s 24 minutes of solid set up for you to dip your toes in and lean into learning.

This series will offer strength and stability like no other if you remember you are here ...

TRUE - Day 2 - TRUST (36 min.)

Leisure Athletic winter winter Shorts Athletic winter Nike Nike Leisure Leisure Athletic Shorts Nike TRUE - Day 3 - STRETCH (34 min.)

When we are younger most are blessed with delightful natural mobility!

We fall with grace and pick ourselves up with ease.

Leisure winter Athletic Shorts Nike Leisure Shorts Athletic winter Nike winter Leisure Athletic Nike As we get a bit older things can get tight leading to tension and aches.

All over.

Today’s practice embraces the stretch, the sensation and the “ahhhh!”

TRUE - Day 4 - FLOOR (33 min.)

TRUE - Day 5 - HIGH (24 min.)

TRUE - Day 6 - KINDLE (21 min.)

TRUE - Day 7 - SALUD (25 min.)

TRUE - Day 8 - SALVE (29 min.)

TRUE - Day 9 - OPEN (25 min.)

TRUE - Day 10 - DETOX (26 min.)

TRUE - Day 11 - SOFTEN (17 min.)

TRUE - Day 12 - CENTER (26 min.)

TRUE - Day 13 - STRENGTH & HARMONY (25 min.)

TRUE - Day 14 - LISTEN (26 min.)

TRUE - Day 15 - BELIEVE (18 min.)

Leisure Nike Leisure winter Leisure Nike Shorts Athletic winter Nike Athletic winter Shorts Athletic TRUE - Day 16 - SELF LOVE (41 min.)

TRUE - Day 17 - CHARISMA (33 min.)

TRUE - Day 18 - SURRENDER (22 min.)

TRUE - Day 19 - THOUGHT (22 min.)

TRUE - Day 20 - AWAKEN (25 min.)

TRUE - Day 21 - FINESSE (21 min.)

TRUE - Day 22 - RELEASE (20 min.)

TRUE - Day 23 - BALANCE (22 min.)

TRUE - Day 24 - BE KIND (13 min.)

TRUE - Day 25 - BE AWARE (24 min.)

TRUE - Day 26 - BE STILL (24 min.)

TRUE - Day 27 - BE FREE (19 min.)

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TRUE - Day 28 - BE FEARLESS (19 min.)

TRUE - Day 29 - BE BRAVE (25 min.)

TRUE - Day 30 - BE YOU (31 min.)


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